Everyone wants a chance to live up to their potential. We want the opportunity to break through barriers, conquer challenges and make our lives, our families’ lives and our communities better because of our effort.

Pathway to Financial Resilience











When you are financially empowered

you are both informed and skilled. You know where to get help with your financial challenges and can access and choose financial products and services that meet your needs. This sense of empowerment can build confidence that you can effectively use your financial knowledge, skills, and resources to reach your goals.

The mission of the Financial Education and Asset Building program is to coordinate and expand the effort to increase financial literacy, assets, net worth and financial stability for Kitsap residents. We envision strong community where hardworking Kitsap County residents have access to the financial tools and incentives they need to achieve their dreams.



  • Outreach unbanked and underbanked community residents
  • Provide free credit reports and credit counseling assistance
  • Conduct free financial education classes for Kitsap County residents
  • Provide home ownership education and resources
  • Provide business start-up information
  • Provide free tax preparation assistance, and more
  • Provide resources for job skills and career readiness training program
  • Educational support and resources for underserved low income students

Financial Education Workshops and Events

The Asset Building Coalition coordinates county wide workshops and classes that are intended to be flexible and convenient. We work with clients, and services providers to arrange classes at a local libraries, community centers, parents groups, schools, housing sites, and even staff training events. All workshops and classes are led by professional from financial institutions in Kitsap County who are members ABC.

Attend a small group workshop or class on a variety of topics including budgeting, credit, banking, planning for financial uncertainty and hardships.

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The Impact We Make

"I had been through a divorce, a bankruptcy, and I had lost everything. Participating in the financial literacy program helped me start over, reclaim my life, and stand on my own. I'm financial independent now and that's a great feeling."

Annie M

" I have taken over eight different classes on various topics offered at Port Orchard KCR. The classes provided me with the knowledge and ambition that I can improve my credit. I can eventually purchase a vehicle and possibly a home in my future."

Trevor H

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